Our Interconnect Cables represent the finest possible choice for both analogue Stereo interconnects and also Digital interconnects between a CD Transport and DAC.

Copper Interconnect Cables

As each Interconnect Cable is either a shielded twisted pair, shielded twisted quad or shielded twisted hex design, they can be configured for use with either single ended / RCA connection or balanced / XLR.

As we observed the cost of precious metals such as Silver beginning to rise dramatically, we decided to expand our range of more affordable copper cables.

We took the groundbreaking designs we developed for our higher level Silver cables, and applied them to a new range of more affordable copper designs.

The results were astonishingly good, and provided a level of performance to our customers that previously could not have been attained at such realistic prices.

The AN-LEXUS cables are effectively copper versions of our AN-SOGON models, and the new AN-ISIS is a copper version of our Flag Ship interconnect, AN-SOOTTO.

We intend to widen the range of Reference Copper interconnect cables, so keep a look out for new developments.

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Silver Interconnect Cables

We source all of the Silver used in our interconnect cables from a single source, helping to ensure a consistent level of quality and purity.

We have to buy large quantities in bulk, meaning that we usually hold what is by far the largest quantity of Silver Bullion in the Audio Industry!

All of this Silver is custom drawn to our specific gauge requirements, then coated in a variety of dielectric polymer depending on the application the particular cable is design for. It is then transported to the cable production facility where it is transformed into our extensive range of wires and cables. All for us, and no one else.

AN Sootto Balanced Cables

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