Purity is simplicity.

At their various price points, our cables represent the finest possible choices for connecting your components and loudspeakers.

We source all of the Silver used in our cables from a single source, helping to ensure a consistent level of quality and purity.

As we observed the cost of precious metals such as Silver beginning to rise dramatically, we decided to expand our range of more affordable copper cables.

We took the groundbreaking designs we developed for our higher level Silver cables, and applied them to a new range of more affordable copper designs.

Audio Note have a large range of audiophile cables to suit every connection and budget level.

All of our cables can be ordered in a variety of lengths and termination options to suit your personal requirements.

Speaker Cables

The precision of reality

Interconnect Cables

Analogue and Digital

Power Cables

Copper and Reference Silver

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The precision of reality


Purity is simplicity


The precision of reality


The precision of reality